Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have created another blog...

That will be solely for the poodles, as this one is more geared toward the Schnauzers. Although, we are not really "Southern" anymore as we have missed too much and have since moved back home.

Though I guess we are located in Southern Maine... LOL.

Blog for the poodles, can be found at

4th Addition

I'm so bad at updating this stinkin thing. Forgot to mention we have added a 4th pup to the family. Meet Lincoln, a 5-month old red Poodle boy. (I think he will be about Mini size full-grown). Tsuki needed a playmate her size, and they just LOVE each other. Reminds me of the Schanuzers. Well... without further ado..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I would like to thank the academy for this award... "Tweezerman Tweezers"...

Courtesy of Mr. Stick

Thank you!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Addition

We haven't done anything dog related in quite awhile... which kinda sucks. I hate not having any connections down here...

Added a new dog to the pack. She'll be 5 months in 5 days, a silver, female, Toy Poodle, name of Tsuki. She's fearless, bounces like a JRT, and I'm pretty sure is part piranha.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

We're down two chicks...

We moved the chicks outside last night. Sometime last night/this morning they had gotten into the neighbors yard (they have chickens too) and the rooster killed Marco and Pollo... which ironically... both were mine. I think the next door neighbor-chickens have it out for me. They better watch I don't poison their feed...


RIP Little Chickies.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poop, Poop, Poop, and oh! More poop!

All of the dogs were sick yesterday. I think we have a combination of a bug and new food switch. Though Kiba and Kaylee didn't have the runs, but Kiba was still shaking. And Stryder had only the one time runs in the morning, but I think he may have gotten a hold of some of the new kibble too (and I'm pretty sure he's allergic to rice).

Everyone is fine this morning, except Lizzie. But we're keeping close eyes, wet mops, and toilet paper ready! (Yes, we're horrible dog owners who have run out of paper towels. I NEED PAPER TOWELS!!!! *wonders if the Army can air drop some at house*

Sputnik (Lindsays chick) almost escaped yesterday. I had their top (its a babygate) in the kitchen blocking off the suspected sick dogs... and she flew up and just sat on the edge. Everyone has their big-girl wings in, and are starting to get some feathers on their backs. Their tails are all pretty much full-feathered, except Laika who seems to be a little smaller, and less feathered than everyone else.

And now when you pick them up... they flap like crazy and could probably go air-borne if they wanted to. Once it's warm again they may start doing half-days outside (in a enclosure). *tear* Our little babies are growing up!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ug. More Kiba Problems

And Kiba is usually the healthier one! Why is she having more problems??

She has about 4 little lumps on her. I'm not sure if they are just bug bites (we were down at the creek yesterday), starting of tumors (that's how the histiocytoma started out), or maybe in-grown hairs from having been groomed the other day.

Also while petting her, I felt this "lump" on her neck behind her ear. It looks kinda like she was bit (but no puncture wound). Both dogs did escape the room this morning, so my best guess would be that a collie was mouthing her and was just playing to rough or what, but I do also notice she is missing hair from her knees. So not sure if maybe it is something else, but eh, what's one more think to keep an eye on. They're being switched back to the Innova Evo RM tomorrow to see if that's it.

And I have also determined something that Stryder is allergic... and I'm like 98% sure... RICE! He got a little bit when Kiba was sick and didn't eat, and bam! foot chewing and itching. And he got some leftover wet food the other day and when we got home he was chewing and itching again. And he hasn't done anything for quite a while too! He's sleeping next to me while I watch the chicks, apply for jobs, and me... awake at 4am. LOL.

Kiba was also acting a bit weird earlier too. Not only was she chilling in the bathroom with Cait, she was running back and forth through the house and not wanting to really cuddle. And she was shaking just a tiny bit too then stopped. Ughh. I hope she's not getting sick again..

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ducks Ducks Ducks Ducks Ducks

We went over tonight to the tennis courts to let the dogs run, but there were people in them. So we decided to go and take the dogs for a walk around the duck pond. Stryder and Kiba have never seen ducks. First ducks we saw both dogs pulled me (they were on a coupler) to the ducks and to the water's edge, I was kinda scared they were going to pull me in!

We continued our walk, and let the dogs off leash for a quick run. Stryder saw a big white duck... and proceeded to running up to it and grabbed it's butt!!! He then chased the duck to the water's edge (duck flew) where the duck turned around and quacked at Stryder (which made Stryder stop for a moment), then went into the pond. Stryder followed it up to his belly and at that point I called him off. I think he would've gone in after it if I had given him a chance. He then saw some more ducks up on the hill and proceeded to chasing those and following them as they flew away.

Stryder is now the apprentice to Lindsay's springer, Thunder. Maybe one day soon they can go chase ducks together.

Why do Dogs Sleep with Their Eyes Open?

Or is it just my dogs? If they've been poked, or even just randomly they'll be sleeping with their eyes open. I'm not sure if they're kinda awake or not, but it's creepy!

Stryder is laying on the other side of the couch. He was snoring away with his eyes open, and then it was just the whites of his eyes. Now he's back to sleeping with his eyes closed. I'm gonna poke him and see what happens. *poke* Ok his eyes are open... and slowly closing... now closed. *poke* Okay now he's looking around. Asked for a high-five and he's just blankly staring. And eye closing... nope, now he's staring at me, like he knows I may poke him again. Eye is closing (still staring at me), still open, still open, eye more open with just whites of his eyes showing, and closed.

Hahaha. I'm so mean to my boy. Now I've got to wake up both dogs and bring them to bed.

Chicks Have Tails

Okay, so I know they had tails beforehand, but now "grown up feathers" are coming in. It looks kinda like their wings did with just a couple of "real feathers" here and there, but they're defiantly coming in... some more than others.

The chicks are officially a week old today (well yesterday/Sunday). Chicks are now running around the cage trying to fly. Saw Sputnik (the largest striped chick) fly about 4 inches higher than the top of the tub. We're using a baby gate on top until we can make a secure enough top that they can't get out of.

There was a bug flying around their tub tonight around the light. Chicks were all running around trying to get it, it was pretty cool. Hopefully its not too warm soon, want to put them in the yard for an hour or so to get some fresh air and do some big chicken stuff. LOL.

Sunday's Work

First thing I did (after checking email and forums) this morning was go out to the pasture with Kiba and Stryder and let them run around and get some zoomies out. Nice day, about 75 degrees. We ended up packing it in early as the dogs were being bad and were not coming when called. We'll be working on recalls next. There's nothing out there that could eat/hurt them, but there are brambles and in some places tough spots to get through where I could see them getting stuck.

After we got back, I took Kiba out back to do some STAY work. I was able to walk around her in circles, sometimes with my back to her and spinning around while she stayed put (we haven't done some of that stuff in awhile and she did REALLY good). I then had her in a STAY and walked clear across the other side of the yard (it's somewhere between 30-50 feet) and then called her too me. Boy was I impressed! She did it 3 times and I decided to end it on a good note.

Tomorrow's Training Plan:
1. Start training Stryder STAY
2. Work on start line STAYS with Kiba
3. Add distractions with Kiba
4. Maybe do some work with one of the Collies

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chicken Update

Figured the chickens should get their own post...

Chicks now have what I'm gonna call "grown-up-wings". They used to be just like a few feathers, but now look like wings. And they are all discovering that they can flap, and hop around, and try to fly. Yay! I'm gonna McGiever a top tomorrow and move them out to the laundry room. They're in a longer tub and have more room now. We also need to get some bedding in there to absorb some of the waste, and I bet the chicks will appreciate too.

Friday Night Class and Saturday Fun Day

First thing, Kiba's back! She's feeling sooo much better and back to her hoppy happy self. I was getting worried as she had thrown up a bit and hadn't eaten for two days. Stryder had diarhhea once, but he's fine too. Though he'd be sick as a dog (no pun intended) and still be eating and playing away! LOL.

Friday night was suppose to be the first week to the new CU class, but no one showed up. We did play for a bit on the agility equipment. Kiba is doing sooo good now, I barely get any grumping out of her. I'm going to try some stuff out of the CU book tomorrow to get her as not revved up when her leash/collar is taking off. Poor Kiba was still a bit sick and was gassy the whole way up and back... so much so that we had to keep rolling down the windows. We stopped at Petsmart (Cait thought it was the one that Jess worked at) and I was able to work a bit with Kiba and keeping her focus on me. It didn't work too well, but any progress is progress right? We learned that Saturday was the store's Grand Opening (though they were already open?... I'm not sure how that works). When we got home Caden and Lindsay came over and he played with Stryder for a bit. Stryder got bodyslammed a couple times near the end, but he was a trooper.

So Saturday morning we all got up early (Cait and Lizzie, Lindsay and Grady, and Me and Stryder) to hit Petsmart. (Stryder BTW was still a bit sore from playing with Caden. LOL) We weren't early enough to get the $50.oo Petsmart GiftCards but we put in for a drawing of them. The place was PACKED. They had a whole bunch of freebies too, I got about 5 squeakie toys, some kind of "Greenie", 3 Frisbees, and 2 Petsmart bandanas. They were doing pictures too, but I was stuck with the cart and Stryder, and couldnt get my stuff out my bag to work with him. Plus it was a bit too crowded.

Next we went to the Open class. Let me just say, I am SO proud of my boy. I had him running with me doing a mini course, 4 jumps then a bit of a run, another jump and the A-Frame. All this off-leash! I am trying to have him do a hand-touch with me after each obstacle to keep his focus on me... (except for the mini course we did) and it seems to be helping him. I tried working on LOOK with him, but his eyebrows were so long I couldn't tell if he was looking at me or not.

When we came home, I trimmed up Kiba's body, head, and ears. I also was able to cut her eyebrows and beard.., she can see now and looks SO much better. I was able to get a bit more off of Stryder tonight. My clippers are dying and I'm having to wait until I can buy a new pair. Also did his beard and eyebrows and finish his head. I need to finish up Kiba's right ear later, probably wait until she's sleeping. I like it when they both look a bit scruffy, but when I can't see their eyes is usually the drawing point.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Two More Chicks

Jessi wanted some chicks too. So we know have another Arcanana/Americana chick and a Longleg.

Meet Marco and Pollo

Left is Marco. Right is Pollo.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chicks Have Been Named

The Americana has been named "Marco" and the Rhode Island Red has been named "Pollo".

Creative, I know... hopefully they don't get complexes as they are all female...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Diet, New Haircut, and New Friends

Today was day two of trying the guys on home cooked. They are each getting a 1/4 cup of oatmeal, 1/2 tablet of multi-vitamin, and 1/4 cup mixture of (well at least this batch) some turkey, chicken livers, carrots, collared greens, white and sweet potatoes, and some other various ingredients (Cait made it so I'm not sure what else is in there).

Kiba is still sick, and actually turned her nose up at the food this morning, but did eat some kibble I put down. She seems more perked up, I'm hoping she gets back to being her normal self soon or a vet trip will be in order.

Found a screwdriver yesterday to fix my clippers. I had dropped them on the ground when it was running and the blade popped out (wow didn't know that could happen) and the clippers are either dull, or still broke. I was able to shave off most of Stryder, he now has the most horrible haircut I've ever given him. All the dogs keep laughing at him, he looks like he has Cushings or something. LOL. It's just BAD.

And we got 6 chickens (aka The Peeps) today. For the life of me, I can't remember what they're all gonna be, but we'll have fresh eggs here soon enough. Three, maybe four, are possibly Americana (maybe mixes), one is a Rhode Island Red, and the other one is a Barred Rock. Two are mine, the yellow/orange Rhode Island and a zebra Americana. Will keep yall updated and pictures are to come soon, hopefully, just depends when I can get my computer up and running...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kiba is Sick

Went in around 4 to take Kiba out of her crate. I was working Stryder outside and didn't want them both out there.

I came back, and Kiba had thrown up in her crate, and when she came out she was shaking. Drank some water, and just stood there with her tail tucked shaking. I took her outside to see if she had to potty or something, and then remembered that I had forgotten to feed her. Wasn't interested in her kibble. Would pick some up and drop it, but really wasn't interested. And this is a dog that DOES NOT miss a meal. LOL.

Tried taking her out back to see if maybe she was interested in doing agility at all, and she wasn't. Now she is having awful dog farts here next to me. Maybe try some rice and chicken with her tonight. If she's not better by tomorrow I may take her in. We'll see.

Agility Practice

We had an "open" class at Best Friends Fun Farms in McKinney, TX. Most of the dog's there were working on CU related things, while others were running around doing agility.

Stryder was doing really good. He's having a problem with dark and scary tunnels (put the tunnel in a U formation). Had him jumping at 16", and was doing good with that as well. I want to get his eyes checked later this month, I'm not sure if it's just a Stryder thing, or he's having problems seeing in dim lighting. Also worked with him not barking at the other dogs, he'd look at the dog and I'd C/T. He was doing REALLY GOOD, though he tells me it's not fair that Baron, OMG ANOTHER SCHNAUZER was there and he couldn't play. LOL.

Kiba as well did really good. Was working on her being quiet while other dogs and people were around. When it was her turn to play around on the little agility course we had going, OMG. I was sending her about 6 feet away to the tunnel. And she was running courses with me only using my shoulder/body instead of pointing at obstacles. Very little grumping and foot biting. I'm thinking that the more practice we do, and give her more time out there on the courses, we can work through her frustration.

Wanted to add too... that Stryder is turning into a Spitz. He is doing Spitz stuff. Bad bad bad. =P

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brambles and Crazy Collies

So we (me and Cait) took both Schnauzers and Malcolm and Kaylee (smooth and rough Collie) out back to run around in the pasture and I wanted to try working on recalls with the Bearded Duo.

Took a whole bunch of pictures (will update those tomorrow) when we noticed Kaylee wasn't around. Figured she was up in the higher pasture poking around, but then she wasn't coming to us calling her. Then we hear her barking, and she's out in the woods barking, or playing with another dog.

I tell Cait I'll go get her, and I start in after her. No one told me that the woods were full of brambles, and stickers. I am CUP UP. I could hear the woods saying, "I'm gonna cut you, bitch". LOL. I finally start seeing Kaylee, and of course she was playing keep-a-way. I finally lasso'd her with my belt, and lead her back to Cait.

Of course once I hand her over to Cait, I notice Kiba isn't with us. I look up and she's at the top of the bank (I myself had to slide down on my butt it was so steep). I get her over to a lower bank, and she's acting like she can't get down (she even went down that part earlier). Then she takes off. I know for sure she went to go find a place she could cross. But by the time I got back up the bank, she was long gone. And I was calling, and calling her, while at the same time the boys, Malcolm and Stryder, who were the only good dogs of the day following me all over the place were crashing around so I couldn't hear if Kiba was coming our way or not. Finally Kiba comes out of the brush, and I carry her down the bank.

In the end everyone was good, no one hurt. Stryder's coat is full of sticks (I had shaved Kiba down the other day), not to mention he had gotten a whole branch stuck and tangled in his back legs, and in between his toes (it hurts to type cuz I kept pricking myself) but he seems alright. We were thinking of trying to handstrip him, but he's just having an awful job with getting all matted and sticks and burrs getting caught in his coat, and I think I'll take him to Dirty Dawgz and shave him down (as right after almost finishing Kiba I dropped my clippers and they broke) and finish up Kiba.

In the end it was a fun day, though it looks like I was blind and tried slicing my wrists with a spork, it was pretty fun.

Handling Class

Cait and I took Rittie (smooth Collie) and Lizzie (German Spitz) to handling class today in Garland, TX. Cait handled demon-squirrel-spitz and I had Rittie.

Rittie was a little afraid at first, our first down-and-back she kinda started to bolt. But by the second time we was running loose-leash with me. She was doing REALLY good by the time we left, and Cait says that I did a really good job too.

Handling was fun, it's ALOT different than agility or any other types of training I've done. It was very interesting, and fun. I can't wait to have a show dog of my own to handle.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 Days in Texas

So far so good. The dog's are loving it here. I think it's alot less stress than at the old house. Kiba isn't as snarky, Stryder is actually tired now and not as bostorous. There's a large space behind the house in the woods they love to run around, and another field nearby that is AWESOME for playing chuck-it. There are more places here to take them that we haven't visited yet.

We set up some jumps, and some mini courses from my Clean Run book. I love having space to do stuff now.

Job search is going good, I've applied to 4-5 places, just waiting to hear a response. Searching for jobs daily, we'll get there. I think if I didn't get a job in like a month, then I'd be scared. But hopefully it won't get to that.

I woke up this morning with Mal (Malcolm) cuddling up with me. I was surprised the dogs didn't wake me up growling at him, or maybe they were just scared it was Rittie. LOL.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Thanks for dropping by!

I've decided to create a new blog to record my adventure to Texas, and afterwards. Moving date is T minus 5 days (Tuesday). I am about 1/3 ready to leave.

Things to do:
1. Take car to garage tomorrow to get catalytic converter replaced (yeah I probably spelled that wrong).
2. Clean out car
3. Do laundry
4. Buy food? and fill tank
5. Get boxes and finish packing room
6. Pack car
7. Wave goodbye to Maine