Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brambles and Crazy Collies

So we (me and Cait) took both Schnauzers and Malcolm and Kaylee (smooth and rough Collie) out back to run around in the pasture and I wanted to try working on recalls with the Bearded Duo.

Took a whole bunch of pictures (will update those tomorrow) when we noticed Kaylee wasn't around. Figured she was up in the higher pasture poking around, but then she wasn't coming to us calling her. Then we hear her barking, and she's out in the woods barking, or playing with another dog.

I tell Cait I'll go get her, and I start in after her. No one told me that the woods were full of brambles, and stickers. I am CUP UP. I could hear the woods saying, "I'm gonna cut you, bitch". LOL. I finally start seeing Kaylee, and of course she was playing keep-a-way. I finally lasso'd her with my belt, and lead her back to Cait.

Of course once I hand her over to Cait, I notice Kiba isn't with us. I look up and she's at the top of the bank (I myself had to slide down on my butt it was so steep). I get her over to a lower bank, and she's acting like she can't get down (she even went down that part earlier). Then she takes off. I know for sure she went to go find a place she could cross. But by the time I got back up the bank, she was long gone. And I was calling, and calling her, while at the same time the boys, Malcolm and Stryder, who were the only good dogs of the day following me all over the place were crashing around so I couldn't hear if Kiba was coming our way or not. Finally Kiba comes out of the brush, and I carry her down the bank.

In the end everyone was good, no one hurt. Stryder's coat is full of sticks (I had shaved Kiba down the other day), not to mention he had gotten a whole branch stuck and tangled in his back legs, and in between his toes (it hurts to type cuz I kept pricking myself) but he seems alright. We were thinking of trying to handstrip him, but he's just having an awful job with getting all matted and sticks and burrs getting caught in his coat, and I think I'll take him to Dirty Dawgz and shave him down (as right after almost finishing Kiba I dropped my clippers and they broke) and finish up Kiba.

In the end it was a fun day, though it looks like I was blind and tried slicing my wrists with a spork, it was pretty fun.

Handling Class

Cait and I took Rittie (smooth Collie) and Lizzie (German Spitz) to handling class today in Garland, TX. Cait handled demon-squirrel-spitz and I had Rittie.

Rittie was a little afraid at first, our first down-and-back she kinda started to bolt. But by the second time we was running loose-leash with me. She was doing REALLY good by the time we left, and Cait says that I did a really good job too.

Handling was fun, it's ALOT different than agility or any other types of training I've done. It was very interesting, and fun. I can't wait to have a show dog of my own to handle.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 Days in Texas

So far so good. The dog's are loving it here. I think it's alot less stress than at the old house. Kiba isn't as snarky, Stryder is actually tired now and not as bostorous. There's a large space behind the house in the woods they love to run around, and another field nearby that is AWESOME for playing chuck-it. There are more places here to take them that we haven't visited yet.

We set up some jumps, and some mini courses from my Clean Run book. I love having space to do stuff now.

Job search is going good, I've applied to 4-5 places, just waiting to hear a response. Searching for jobs daily, we'll get there. I think if I didn't get a job in like a month, then I'd be scared. But hopefully it won't get to that.

I woke up this morning with Mal (Malcolm) cuddling up with me. I was surprised the dogs didn't wake me up growling at him, or maybe they were just scared it was Rittie. LOL.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Thanks for dropping by!

I've decided to create a new blog to record my adventure to Texas, and afterwards. Moving date is T minus 5 days (Tuesday). I am about 1/3 ready to leave.

Things to do:
1. Take car to garage tomorrow to get catalytic converter replaced (yeah I probably spelled that wrong).
2. Clean out car
3. Do laundry
4. Buy food? and fill tank
5. Get boxes and finish packing room
6. Pack car
7. Wave goodbye to Maine