Sunday, March 1, 2009

Agility Practice

We had an "open" class at Best Friends Fun Farms in McKinney, TX. Most of the dog's there were working on CU related things, while others were running around doing agility.

Stryder was doing really good. He's having a problem with dark and scary tunnels (put the tunnel in a U formation). Had him jumping at 16", and was doing good with that as well. I want to get his eyes checked later this month, I'm not sure if it's just a Stryder thing, or he's having problems seeing in dim lighting. Also worked with him not barking at the other dogs, he'd look at the dog and I'd C/T. He was doing REALLY GOOD, though he tells me it's not fair that Baron, OMG ANOTHER SCHNAUZER was there and he couldn't play. LOL.

Kiba as well did really good. Was working on her being quiet while other dogs and people were around. When it was her turn to play around on the little agility course we had going, OMG. I was sending her about 6 feet away to the tunnel. And she was running courses with me only using my shoulder/body instead of pointing at obstacles. Very little grumping and foot biting. I'm thinking that the more practice we do, and give her more time out there on the courses, we can work through her frustration.

Wanted to add too... that Stryder is turning into a Spitz. He is doing Spitz stuff. Bad bad bad. =P

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  1. Wondered what on earth you were up to. We missed you at Bo-Gee yesterday! We had 5 Schnauzers in attendance. Very nice.

    I am originally from Round Rock, Texas - so I have a big soft spot in my heart for the state. There are quite a few peopleon the Performance Schauzer list from texas. I think there is a fair amount of NADAC trials there too. I hope you enjoy and keep us posted on life!