Monday, March 9, 2009

Ducks Ducks Ducks Ducks Ducks

We went over tonight to the tennis courts to let the dogs run, but there were people in them. So we decided to go and take the dogs for a walk around the duck pond. Stryder and Kiba have never seen ducks. First ducks we saw both dogs pulled me (they were on a coupler) to the ducks and to the water's edge, I was kinda scared they were going to pull me in!

We continued our walk, and let the dogs off leash for a quick run. Stryder saw a big white duck... and proceeded to running up to it and grabbed it's butt!!! He then chased the duck to the water's edge (duck flew) where the duck turned around and quacked at Stryder (which made Stryder stop for a moment), then went into the pond. Stryder followed it up to his belly and at that point I called him off. I think he would've gone in after it if I had given him a chance. He then saw some more ducks up on the hill and proceeded to chasing those and following them as they flew away.

Stryder is now the apprentice to Lindsay's springer, Thunder. Maybe one day soon they can go chase ducks together.

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