Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friday Night Class and Saturday Fun Day

First thing, Kiba's back! She's feeling sooo much better and back to her hoppy happy self. I was getting worried as she had thrown up a bit and hadn't eaten for two days. Stryder had diarhhea once, but he's fine too. Though he'd be sick as a dog (no pun intended) and still be eating and playing away! LOL.

Friday night was suppose to be the first week to the new CU class, but no one showed up. We did play for a bit on the agility equipment. Kiba is doing sooo good now, I barely get any grumping out of her. I'm going to try some stuff out of the CU book tomorrow to get her as not revved up when her leash/collar is taking off. Poor Kiba was still a bit sick and was gassy the whole way up and back... so much so that we had to keep rolling down the windows. We stopped at Petsmart (Cait thought it was the one that Jess worked at) and I was able to work a bit with Kiba and keeping her focus on me. It didn't work too well, but any progress is progress right? We learned that Saturday was the store's Grand Opening (though they were already open?... I'm not sure how that works). When we got home Caden and Lindsay came over and he played with Stryder for a bit. Stryder got bodyslammed a couple times near the end, but he was a trooper.

So Saturday morning we all got up early (Cait and Lizzie, Lindsay and Grady, and Me and Stryder) to hit Petsmart. (Stryder BTW was still a bit sore from playing with Caden. LOL) We weren't early enough to get the $50.oo Petsmart GiftCards but we put in for a drawing of them. The place was PACKED. They had a whole bunch of freebies too, I got about 5 squeakie toys, some kind of "Greenie", 3 Frisbees, and 2 Petsmart bandanas. They were doing pictures too, but I was stuck with the cart and Stryder, and couldnt get my stuff out my bag to work with him. Plus it was a bit too crowded.

Next we went to the Open class. Let me just say, I am SO proud of my boy. I had him running with me doing a mini course, 4 jumps then a bit of a run, another jump and the A-Frame. All this off-leash! I am trying to have him do a hand-touch with me after each obstacle to keep his focus on me... (except for the mini course we did) and it seems to be helping him. I tried working on LOOK with him, but his eyebrows were so long I couldn't tell if he was looking at me or not.

When we came home, I trimmed up Kiba's body, head, and ears. I also was able to cut her eyebrows and beard.., she can see now and looks SO much better. I was able to get a bit more off of Stryder tonight. My clippers are dying and I'm having to wait until I can buy a new pair. Also did his beard and eyebrows and finish his head. I need to finish up Kiba's right ear later, probably wait until she's sleeping. I like it when they both look a bit scruffy, but when I can't see their eyes is usually the drawing point.

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