Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kiba is Sick

Went in around 4 to take Kiba out of her crate. I was working Stryder outside and didn't want them both out there.

I came back, and Kiba had thrown up in her crate, and when she came out she was shaking. Drank some water, and just stood there with her tail tucked shaking. I took her outside to see if she had to potty or something, and then remembered that I had forgotten to feed her. Wasn't interested in her kibble. Would pick some up and drop it, but really wasn't interested. And this is a dog that DOES NOT miss a meal. LOL.

Tried taking her out back to see if maybe she was interested in doing agility at all, and she wasn't. Now she is having awful dog farts here next to me. Maybe try some rice and chicken with her tonight. If she's not better by tomorrow I may take her in. We'll see.

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