Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poop, Poop, Poop, and oh! More poop!

All of the dogs were sick yesterday. I think we have a combination of a bug and new food switch. Though Kiba and Kaylee didn't have the runs, but Kiba was still shaking. And Stryder had only the one time runs in the morning, but I think he may have gotten a hold of some of the new kibble too (and I'm pretty sure he's allergic to rice).

Everyone is fine this morning, except Lizzie. But we're keeping close eyes, wet mops, and toilet paper ready! (Yes, we're horrible dog owners who have run out of paper towels. I NEED PAPER TOWELS!!!! *wonders if the Army can air drop some at house*

Sputnik (Lindsays chick) almost escaped yesterday. I had their top (its a babygate) in the kitchen blocking off the suspected sick dogs... and she flew up and just sat on the edge. Everyone has their big-girl wings in, and are starting to get some feathers on their backs. Their tails are all pretty much full-feathered, except Laika who seems to be a little smaller, and less feathered than everyone else.

And now when you pick them up... they flap like crazy and could probably go air-borne if they wanted to. Once it's warm again they may start doing half-days outside (in a enclosure). *tear* Our little babies are growing up!!

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