Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday's Work

First thing I did (after checking email and forums) this morning was go out to the pasture with Kiba and Stryder and let them run around and get some zoomies out. Nice day, about 75 degrees. We ended up packing it in early as the dogs were being bad and were not coming when called. We'll be working on recalls next. There's nothing out there that could eat/hurt them, but there are brambles and in some places tough spots to get through where I could see them getting stuck.

After we got back, I took Kiba out back to do some STAY work. I was able to walk around her in circles, sometimes with my back to her and spinning around while she stayed put (we haven't done some of that stuff in awhile and she did REALLY good). I then had her in a STAY and walked clear across the other side of the yard (it's somewhere between 30-50 feet) and then called her too me. Boy was I impressed! She did it 3 times and I decided to end it on a good note.

Tomorrow's Training Plan:
1. Start training Stryder STAY
2. Work on start line STAYS with Kiba
3. Add distractions with Kiba
4. Maybe do some work with one of the Collies

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