Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ug. More Kiba Problems

And Kiba is usually the healthier one! Why is she having more problems??

She has about 4 little lumps on her. I'm not sure if they are just bug bites (we were down at the creek yesterday), starting of tumors (that's how the histiocytoma started out), or maybe in-grown hairs from having been groomed the other day.

Also while petting her, I felt this "lump" on her neck behind her ear. It looks kinda like she was bit (but no puncture wound). Both dogs did escape the room this morning, so my best guess would be that a collie was mouthing her and was just playing to rough or what, but I do also notice she is missing hair from her knees. So not sure if maybe it is something else, but eh, what's one more think to keep an eye on. They're being switched back to the Innova Evo RM tomorrow to see if that's it.

And I have also determined something that Stryder is allergic... and I'm like 98% sure... RICE! He got a little bit when Kiba was sick and didn't eat, and bam! foot chewing and itching. And he got some leftover wet food the other day and when we got home he was chewing and itching again. And he hasn't done anything for quite a while too! He's sleeping next to me while I watch the chicks, apply for jobs, and me... awake at 4am. LOL.

Kiba was also acting a bit weird earlier too. Not only was she chilling in the bathroom with Cait, she was running back and forth through the house and not wanting to really cuddle. And she was shaking just a tiny bit too then stopped. Ughh. I hope she's not getting sick again..

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