Monday, March 9, 2009

Why do Dogs Sleep with Their Eyes Open?

Or is it just my dogs? If they've been poked, or even just randomly they'll be sleeping with their eyes open. I'm not sure if they're kinda awake or not, but it's creepy!

Stryder is laying on the other side of the couch. He was snoring away with his eyes open, and then it was just the whites of his eyes. Now he's back to sleeping with his eyes closed. I'm gonna poke him and see what happens. *poke* Ok his eyes are open... and slowly closing... now closed. *poke* Okay now he's looking around. Asked for a high-five and he's just blankly staring. And eye closing... nope, now he's staring at me, like he knows I may poke him again. Eye is closing (still staring at me), still open, still open, eye more open with just whites of his eyes showing, and closed.

Hahaha. I'm so mean to my boy. Now I've got to wake up both dogs and bring them to bed.

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